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Dear Reader,

Back in November (remember November?! 😱)I sent readers a link to my blog post about stagnant nonprofit organizations. And I highlighted four statements that were probably true about groups who were experiencing a slump. These four "truths" were:

  • They are addicted to “the way we’ve always done it”.
  • They are trying to be everything to everyone.
  • Their leader doesn't have enough influence or buy-in to get the job done.
  • They need to clean house.

All of these are important but the truth I focus a lot of my time and energy on is the one about influence. It's why I created the Empowered Nonprofit Leader Program and it's the central theme of my community challenges. It is my mission to help nonprofit leaders increase their influence. So they can eliminate distractions and dysfunction, manage with confidence, and build trust by being a leader others want to follow.

Influence is the key to getting more great work accomplished. It is the key to making real progress. And having an influential executive director is the key to an organization's success.

On March 1st, I'll kick off my second challenge for nonprofit leaders who want to become more influential and accomplish more with their organizations. It's called Think Like a Mastermind. It's five days and it's free. Click the link for more details - or forward it to someone you know who could use a leadership boost.

Keep Up the Good Work,


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