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Resending: When you're great at saying hello, you may never have to say goodbye.

Published almost 3 years ago • 1 min read

Dear Reader,

What happens when a new member or donor joins your organization? Do they get a receipt? A welcome message? Some digital swag, perhaps? How do they get welcomed and engaged?

For busy organizations with small staff teams, the scenario is probably some version of this:

  • automated payment receipt, followed by...
  • a message from the executive director with a link to the website/member-benefits page, followed by...
  • ...crickets. Until it's time for the next campaign, event, or renewal reminder.

While this scenario represents a perfectly adequate way to acknowledge a transaction, it doesn't create an experience that will impress and engage your new community members - which is so important in the first 30 days.

That's why I'm hosting a free three-day sequence-writing challenge (a workshop, really) to plan, write, and schedule a welcome email series that will help your new supporters get and stay engaged with your organization.

Making meaningful connections right from the start - when they're most excited - will help with retention and satisfaction for years to come.

I hope you can join me. Get more info and register here.

Keep up the good work,



I'm going to be sending a few emails about this free challenge over the next couple of days. Click here if you are not interested in this writing workshop and I won't send you anymore invitations.

Bernadette Mack, LLC

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